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Star Trek Online: My 1st visit to Vulcan - Part 1

If you’ve been following my Facebook, you have seen my recent log of correspondence with Technical Support for Star Trek Online to recover my old account data.

Why was that so important? Well, because in short, I want to get me ass to Vulcan. In order to honor the man who gave us all Mr. Spock.

Having to go through character creation and gods know how much mission data to get to my own ship commission seemed like a lot to go through to do something I know I used to be able to freely do.

Anyway, I finally got my stuff back and can bring you this first video. Its a little on the long side, but I just wanted to show everyone the entire “reaction video” of returning to this game and getting to Beam Down to Vulcan in search of the Leonard Nimoy memorial space.

My apologies for the low-resolution graphics. It occured to me after I shot the video that I did not take the time to ensure that I was using the Higher-Res capabilities of my Video Card. I will fix that next time.

Supplemental: Here are some post embeds of my journey to get my account back, via Facebook.

As you might have been able to tell in the video, there are aspects of this virtual trip that are touching on my need to mourn. I’m not normally the type to “emote” publicly, but I’m not going to edit out any genuine reactions. The feels are real.

More again, as soon as the Official Memorial space goes online. Will do another YouTube to show it to all of you that do not have access to Star Trek Online to see it for yourself. Stay tuned! LLAP.

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