Fallout 4 Adventures paused

Heads up, no Friday Fallout vid this week and therefore no link to be posted on Saturday either. Having some display problems causing the delay of the play sessions.  Will hopefully get this sorted over the weekend and back to the series next week! Hope you all had a great Turkey Day celebration (if you […]

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The Fallout 4 Adventures

If you’ve been watching my Facebook Page then this is a redundant post. But if you have not been on Facebook, or my YouTube Channel, then you might not have heard.  I’m playing through Fallout 4 and posting Vlogs. Here is a link to get you caught up! The first four episodes are already online: Currently, […]

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Rebuilding . . .

Its been an intersting your for the blog.  As in, rebooted, moved, attacked, locked down and ultimately, forgotten. My efforts have moved over to YouTube where I have just started my continuing series of Fallout 4 playthrough. But I REALLY want a Non-YouTube, Non-Facebook place to feature the videos, because I know those places get a […]

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