Has Facebook replaced Blogs?

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I find that I spend almost equal amounts of time between considering what to post to my blog and how it readers will consume it.  By their nature, blogs are an information silo; that is to say that you have to seek it out to find out what is inside (the content).  RSS Feeds make this process a little easier, since the blog can be subscribed to through a feed reader, bringing the content to the reader instead of vice-versa.  But you still have to know about the blog initially before that relationship can be established.

Using plugins and applications, you can automatically re-post your content into other silos.  Take Facebook, for example.  This blogs content is “shipped” into the Facebook page I have created (http://facebook.com/quantumxen) via a Facebook app called RSS Graffiti.   With it, I can still enjoy posting regularly to my blog, but I don’t miss out on my Facebook Friends who do not consume the Web in the “old-fashioned” way . . . typing in a URL and visiting the original page.

There are some times, though, where I’d wish more people just visited my blog directly.  There are some great ways to have discussion and sharing embedded right here on this page.  Must it seems I see more feedback and “visits” if the article has had some “Facebook” time.

What are your thoughts?  Are you on Facebook more than an actual blog?  Looking forward to your comments, in either place!

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