Next Level DMing

If you follow my Social posts on Facebook, you’ve seen me refer to the term ‘Next Level DMing’.  I’m not entirely sure, but I think I’m the only one using it.  If not, please correct me. But in short, it means to elevate one’s game, specifically when you are the Game Master of a Campaign. […]

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Chapter One – Surrounded by Mists

  DISCLAIMER: The text and audio featured in this post contains SPOILERS to the ‘Curse of Strahd’ Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Campaign.  Details of the content are used without permission of Wizards of the Coast who is the publisher and copy write owner of the adventure.  This post is intended to chronicle the adventure of the […]

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Surprise! I’m back!

Earlier today (Thursday 26 May 2016) , all of you that are subscribed to my blog’s email delivery got a surprise in your inbox from my MailChimp account.  What it contained was a post I had THOUGHT was going to be on a private feed.  Turns out, I didn’t check my MailChimp account settings and […]

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Prologue – Into the East

As the preparations for Richfest (the traditional Midsummer festival) were ramping up, Nuerque had made his way all the way to the High Walls of the Free City of Greyhawk from the remote village of Greysmere on his personal quest. He needed to find where the contraband merchant he’d help take down had been getting […]

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