Rebuilding . . .

It has been an interesting year for the blog.  As in, rebooted, moved, attacked, locked down and ultimately, forgotten.

My efforts have moved over to YouTube where I have just started my continuing series of Fallout 4 playthrough.

But I REALLY want a Non-YouTube, Non-Facebook place to feature the videos, because I know those places get a lot of background noise.

So I moved the blog once again to, so I do not have to worry about hosting and security issues.

One of the reasons I loved self-hosting was I could manage my files as I liked.  But so many services are cloud based now that I thought, what the hell, let’s try linking out everything and see how that works.

So, things like the Audio Journals and such that have been a part of the blog in the past WILL return.  But expect that for now, its all about Fallout 4 and other YouTube vlogs.

Welcome back!  Thanks for hanging in there!


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