The HAVIT HV-F2056 Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

The short version: We are still delayed.

The good news: Amazon refunded my money and is not asking me to return the item if it arrives. So, when it comes, it was essentially free for my troubles.

The longer story:

After making about 6 hours of so progress in playing Fallout 4, my system was beginning to overheat due to the demands of the (Medium setting) graphics + the work of capturing BOTH the Gameplay and the inset Webcam and Audio all at once.

I thought, since I am an Amazon Prime member, that it was totally worth dropping the $20 on a proper cooling unit (One that even has added USB ports) to help keep the system cooler during these high demand use sessions.

Well, everything about the order went smoothly up until the point that USPS had their hands on the device.  Seems, as of the time of this writing, it is STILL sitting in a USPS Distribution center somewhere in California, a full week after I placed the order.

Yes, I could have driven down to Fred Meyer or Fry’s and picked on up by now.  I might still do.

But I get it. It’s the holidays and that means strange shipping anomalies are happening at an higher rate.  And ultimately it just means I’ve had some video game downtime. The stakes are not so high that anyone is suffering or anything.

What to do next?  Well, I still want to hold out that the cooler will arrive. But, I may just go out and use the refund money to go pick one up anyway.  I do have another laptop I could use a 2nd one on, even if it feels a bit excessive.  OR, I could always store the 2nd one as an emergency backup.

But I do not want to keep the Gameplay vids on hold for any longer.  The whole world has already explored this game and I’m still at the beginning.  I feel like I’m missing out.  And, it’s a lot of fun to play AND make these vids, so will be back at it soon!

Here is a link to the item on Amazon, if somewhere after the holidays you might want to have a go at getting one yourself.

Amazon – HAVIT HV-F2056 15.6″-17″ Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad – Ultra Slim Portable USB Powered (3 Fans)