Well, the cooling tray arrived mere hours after the post dedicated to it went up. So, I was able to get back at recording some more play through.

But what happened next kind of surprised me.  This next installation ended up being a grind of figuring out how to move the plot forward and the only way seemed to be to bathe in blood.

This doesn’t bother me, but it might bother others. Especially in light of recent events all over the country and the world. While horrible violence has always been around, it seems to be a hot button for many these days. Or should I say, once again.

So, I took the extra time to put a very plain warning at the start this video. Because I know it won’t get high visibility, but I do care how the content is received.

The purpose of this series has always been to share my own reactions while playing through the game, not to cause anyone distress. So, if this level of blood and violence is not what you would call entertainment, I completely understand.

More to come . . .