Hey guys, sorry for the late notice.

The short version of the story is I needed a break.

Longer version, a combination of some editing challenges, schedule switches and incoming production gear made this week very difficult to pull off in time.  Nothing got done in the way I like to present, so instead of delivering on-time something I’m not happy with, I pulled the plug on this week.

The good news is the project feels less like something that people are waiting on each episode and more like something that will live as a complete journey far after I’m all done.  In fact, even though I’m enjoying this journey, I’ve got my mind working on the next big project.

But as far as I know, we still have a lot of ground to cover before the main storyline for Fallout 4 is over, so hang in there.  Maybe take some time to look back at a favorite episode.

My goal is to be back on the regular posting schedule on the 25th of Jan.  I may still publish to the blog between now and then, we’ll see.

Its also been a long time since I put out an Audio Journal.  And since new audio gear has come in, I’ll need an excuse to test.  If the wonky schedule persists, we’ll see about eeking one of those out.

So thanks for hanging in there!  We’ll see you soon again in no time.