Earlier today (Thursday 26 May 2016) , all of you that are subscribed to my blog’s email delivery got a surprise in your inbox from my MailChimp account.  What it contained was a post I had THOUGHT was going to be on a private feed.  Turns out, I didn’t check my MailChimp account settings and it picked up the content.

To catch you up, after a few years ‘in retirement’ and a couple campaigns back as a player, I’ve picked up DMing again.  If you follow me on Facebook, this is not a surprise. I’ve been going on about it now for weeks.  When the Curse of Strahd 5th Edition Campaign book was announced, I knew I had to make a comeback.

Well, I’ve done it.  I met with my most recent gaming group (after an exceptional experience in a Homebrew campaign and a ‘new to me’ DM) last week and got the adventure underway.  What you received in your inbox (if you are subscribed) was a retelling of everyone’s story on that first game session.  But unless you have played in my Homebrew Greyhawk, there are probably some story references and points of context that are confusing or don’t jive with published works.  They are too numerous to list, just know that I borrow heavily from Greyhawk of years past and that none of it is Official.  That’s just the place I spent the most time DMing in the past and therefore was the easiest launching point for my current campaign.

Anyway, I had not planned on reposting the game for my blog readers benefit, but now that it has happened I don’t think it’s a bad idea.  I’ve currently got a note out to my players to get their feedback.  I want to keep the game special to them, so they get ‘first to look’ priority.  But if nobody objects otherwise, I’ll likely just keep making these posts public and letting the email bot do its thing.  Additionally, I’ll post a link to the Facebook Page for the blog, for those that do not do email subs.

“Wait. What about the Fallout 4 Content you were making on YouTube and here on your blog?”

For a number of reasons, that is on permanent hold.  As in, I’m not completely abandoning it, I’m just not actively adding to it at this time.  It’s time intensive, technically demanding and a BUNCH of the same if not better content is out there for it right now.  While I enjoy it, I don’t think I’m adding any value to that subject right now.  I’ll get back to it someday, if only to complete the main storyline.

Additionally, so much more is going into this D&D game.  I can’t possibly know how it’s going to turn out.  None of us do.

So, we gather roughly once a month, which means this is not going to be updated very often.  But, it will have at least as much detail as that last post did.  And of course, I want to get my groups support, at least to establish how special this is before I make this official.  So, put a pin in this. If nothing else, I’ll come back to let you all know how the experience of DMing again is going.

So I hope that explains the random story you got. And for those of you that don’t know anything about this yet, there is still a chance the FB Cross post will happen soon.  The wibbly-wobbly nature of social media interconnectivity may have just momentarily lost your link to the conversation.  As always, thanks for staying subscribed!