Happy belated New Year!

It’s been a rough couple months, most recently being so sick as to not be able to speak without coughing, which makes terrible audio.

Feeling better now and last night had a STROKE of genius. I heard about Runescape adding an audio adventure to Alexa, the Interactive assistant on Amazon’s Echo platform. I just happen to own an Echo Dot, so I thought I’d give this a shot on the Podcast and see how fun it could be.

Honestly, my original idea included having me on camera to show my reactions, but I’m going through a bit of a video snobbery phase at the moment and couldn’t quite wait to get it just perfect, so this first episode is Audio Only.

SPOILER WARNING: I begin the Audio Adventure in this episode. If you do not want to hear the adventure before experiencing it yourself, do not listen after the 5:00 mark. I give a brief warning before we begin, but the majority of the Audio is my partial playthrough of the audio adventure!

Here are links to all the bits that are related to the content:

The Amazon Echo Dot:

Runescape’s Alexa Page:

Let me know if you enjoy listening to me play through. I plan on at least a Part 2 and maybe even some other audio adventures!

As always, Comments Welcome!