Well, that was unexpected. My prompt-driven Blog post actually posted to my Facebook Page the way I’ve always wanted them to, after I thought I’d taken steps to shutter the page.

I guess we’ll see how it’s received.
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Daily Post: Candid

Sometime after attending Broadcasting School, but before I found a place in Technical Support, I fancied myself a burgeoning writer.  I knew I was years behind in instruction, practice, and discipline.  I thought, ok well I can wallow in that …

Found this podcast via the 20k Hz podcast. Was drawn to it because the show title shares words with my favorite song.

This 1st episode is about the experience of viewing the Total Solar Eclipse. Now that I’ve heard it, …

Daily Summary

January 21, 2018
Total steps: 11312
Floors climbed: 1
Calories burned: 3693
Elevation gained: 10 feet
Traveled: 4.96 miles
Sedentary minutes: 781
Lightly active minutes: 296
Fairly active minutes: 28
Very active minutes: 22

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Daily Journal 1/21/18

My excitement over integration of my social media has tamped down today, since I’m not really seeing it happen. I guess what I expected was that my app would update to display these occurrences, but that has not happened. Not …