You know, I don’t think my prediction will be too far off.

So, Series 11 will have a New Doctor AND a new Showrunner. No word yet on whether the companions will survive the transition.

A lot of people have had this as their dream for awhile. There hasn’t been a “total shift” since Series 5 when Matt Smith stepped in as ’11’ and Steven Moffat took the reins.

I suspect they might try to go back to a younger, lovey-dovey Doctor. Try to recapture some of that ’10’ magic. Which to me will be a step in the wrong direction. If anything, shooting for a ‘5’ redux would make more sense. A longer cast/Tardis crew and a Doctor too preoccupied keeping everything alive is where I think it should go.

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Updated: January 30, 2018 at 12:35AM