What 3 movies encapsulate your DM style?

I’d rather read those that have played in my games describe their experience playing in my games using 3 movies, but here is my take on own:

1) Any Adaptation – as in, not my material, just my interpretation

2) Any unnecessary sequel – basically, just an attention grab

3) Any niche classic – especially ones that never made box office hits, but there is a small intense fandom out there.

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I will not read the comments.
I will not read the comments.
I will not read the comments.

Also, Primary Magic needs to be added to curriculum.

You can’t expect ‘Thought and Prayers’ to work without some kind of Action. BUT there is nothing wrong with sending Psychic Energy to where it may be used.

But like a package sent without prior warning, you cannot be surprised when the intended recipient looks at the unexpected box and says, “What is this for?” Establish parameters, boundries and properties (read: Protocol), THEN Transmit. And Follow Through!

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Going to tackle the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers epic documentary here soon.

Looking for other recommendations.

I prefer ones on Classic and Contemporary Rock. Leave a Title or Link in the comments!

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