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Day: February 9, 2018

Courtesy of Now Playing

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Adjusting how some of my posts populate my blog. See if my “Share Tos” here are affected by this script. May cause dupes. #IFTTT #Experimental
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Ubisoft is having a Publisher Sale on the Playstation Store. Limited Time. I just got Star Trek: Bridge Crew (has some VR compatibility. I’ll enjoy that, eventually) for $20! Normally $49.99. #PS4 #Sale #StarTrekGaming
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Updated: February 09, 2018 …

I continue listening to this Podcast for the ‘Lore You Should Know’ and ‘Sage Advice’ segments.

This one is a Do Not Miss if you ever wanted to know the origins of the fabled Mordenkainen (in promotion of his upcoming …

Well there goes my Amazon Dropbox location. This is where I go to pick up my orders. Going there later today; will ask.


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My Pixel 2 phone has this feature called Now Playing. It behaves like Shazam, the song identifying app, but it’s always on (you can turn it off). This passive listening displays the title and artist of any song it can …