So, I got the heads-up that the creator of the Vero App and Network is sketch and other problematic signs of the way this service is handling its data.

But I have to say, I’m taken by the clean interface and the aesthetic my posts have when they repost, both to Facebook and onto my Blog Posts. I just has a nice feel, at least for now.

While it’s not human rights violations or anything on that level, there are a few things Zuck has gotten up to that could make me want to check out of Facebook. I’m not particularly thrilled with the accusations of his Real Estate dealings (read: Land grab and shell games) in Hawai’i, for example.

But I don’t. Mostly because we’d all be a little lost without a place like Facebook. Facebook could use a competitor again. A place that comes at this Social Platform thing a little different.

So, I’m torn. I think the tipping point will have to be if anything harmful comes from using the platform. But how do I quantify that? The easiest would be to witness it, either on my own account or to someone linked to mine. Of course, I don’t like the idea of exposing my ‘friends’ to any risk of harm. But to just walk away without giving it a shot seems somehow like a waste.

I should add that this is completely unnecessary and I realize that. Facebook is fine and is a mostly known quantity . Additionally, I have access to Developer Tools with gives me a slightly deeper understanding of the underpinnings of Facebook. Vero is not offering anything like that.

But what it does have going for it is a much quieter experience. It feels more curated and muted. There are ZERO ads. And while they started as a Subscription service, they’ve at least temporarily suspended that. I know, that screams Honeypot, trust me I know.

I think I’m gonna give it a little longer and keep an eye on the news. Again, I’ll appreciate any observations from my posts coming out of there. Who knows, I may just get bored of it.

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Updated: March 01, 2018 at 12:13AM