Super premature reminder: Next Sunday is a special mash-up of April Fool’s and Easter!

Now I would issue my standard warning of not trusting anything posted 24 hours before and after, but with people looking for Easter photos and other posts to celebrate their holiday I amend that warning by recommending this:

If you have to be online, consider implementing a 5-minute pause on Posting or Reposting anything you see or read. Just making some time to let something settle in your mind before re-sharing.

Personally, I’ll be taking my usual 48-hour vacation to let the dust settle. Because, I just can’t during April Fool’s. There is just no humor in it for me any more. It just comes off more like a waste of time.

I know, sourpuss wussyface over here. But try this: Watch the energy impact on your days next week. Make observations. And when the following Tuesday comes around see if you can’t pick out the unnecessary things. Bonus points if you can compare that to any other day.

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Updated: March 25, 2018 at 10:29PM