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Day: March 30, 2018

Gonna break with my normal and give an abbreviated feedback of Ready Player One ahead of my usual review.

If you liked the book and are going to see the movie hoping to see a visual version, prepare to be …

Trailers have started.

Marvel Studios: 10 Years.


When did that happen?

It just hit me. Jeebus.
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First in Theater. Best seat in the house. Dead center, last row. Right under the projectionists window. #ReadyPlayerOne
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TBH, I nodded off before the end of the episode. If this was to be a farewell for Willa Holland, then this headline is a bullseye. #Arrow #BuhByeSpeedy
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Through out the entire episode I thought about all my Steampunk peeps*. Still, maybe someday.

*There is no actual mention of Steampunk in the episode. Your classy imaginary travels just feed my own imagination.

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Daily Summary

March 29, 2018
Total steps: 9050
Floors climbed: 0
Calories burned: 3452
Elevation gained: 0 feet
Traveled: 3.97 miles
Sedentary minutes: 1126
Lightly active minutes: 283
Fairly active minutes: 23
Very active minutes: 8

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