This topic comes up occasionally, especially when I read comments on other threads. The topic of Remakes and Reimaginings. Pick any series, Any Franchise. There is always someone that says “They should leave it alone.” or “The original author is rolling in their grave.” These kinds of comments always irk me.

I used to be pretty protective over Doctor Who. I felt like only the BBC and its writers had any real authority over it. Other Fans should appreciate it but otherwise leave it alone. And by no means try to create something from it that isn’t canon.

And then years later I realized I was just being a huge dick about it.

I had only cared about my own fandom and not given any weight to anyone else’s. It was after I realized this that I came to understand that this is how really old, well known and even cherished works live on.

Nobody performs The Bard’s works the way they USED to be performed, not really. But they get remade ALL THE TIME. Sometimes they look NOTHING like the original. And people still love them.

So, when I read “That is OFF LIMITS!” I just get incensed.

If you really love a work, you let others love it too. You might not like what comes of it, but that is ok. Someone else loves it enough to try to capture that feeling themselves.
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Updated: May 18, 2018 at 03:50PM