Quantum Xen

Quantum: a unit of measure, traditionally the least | Xen: Me

Day: May 25, 2018

Solo: I have questions. Don’t bother trying to answer them for a couple weeks but it’s fair to say I don’t know enough about the SWU to understand timelines and history. So, I’m confused.
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Updated: May 25, 2018 …

Ok, so Alexa catches me talking to my fur family ALL the time. Mostly because I’m horrible and speak in mushy baby talk at them. The point is I make sounds that an always-on AI just wants to understand as …

I need a pineapple enhanced burger with fries
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Updated: May 25, 2018 at 05:25PM

Just a tad early for the 1pm. Credits aren’t even done rolling on the last IMAX showing.
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Updated: May 25, 2018 at 12:13PM

Hey Fandango, I sure would like to complete my purchase for a ticket to see ‘Solo’ today, but since I have to reserve my seat first we have a problem.

See, the seat maps for the theatres are not loading, …