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Ugh. I get it. Facebook had to do something to address a myriad of concerns.

But the result is a very ugly homogenization of external links. And of course Content made within the Facebook platform has a much better presentation.

I get it, but I can’t say I enjoy it from a consumer view.

Sadly, I’m not much more impressed with other social platforms.

I think maybe I’m going to go phone use only on this site for awhile. Because the desktop experience is just becoming less and less appealing.
from Facebook
Updated: June 07, 2018 at 01:05AM

John Calderon

John is the author of the Quantum Xen blog. He does personal journal audio podcasts under the title Quantum Xen Audio in his free time. After Radio Broadcast School, he was a janitor and then a Web Services Technical Support Rep. He now consults and volunteers his time. Gamer, Wiccan Priest and Online Junkie, he enjoys 80's Music, Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies, Audiobooks and Podcasts. Zombies, Daleks and other Hordes are not a laughing matter. He is currently based under the shadow of Mt. Si in Twin Peaks country out in North Bend, Washington.

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