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Changes are afoot . . .

Photo by ahmadreza sajadi on Unsplash

Recently, I have not been satisfied with my online experience.  Mostly, its because I’m working so much and I only ever look at Facebook anymore.  But now Facebook is trying to rework what it does.  I agree this is necessary in some areas, but sadly areas I was happy with are the ones seeing the most changes.

And Facebook on Mobile is now just becoming an endless series of Videos.  None of my Friends I actually know make videos, so really what I’m getting are just sponsored ads.

I used to post regularly here, but I had a lot more time to be creative.  Now, I just want to get away from the Facebook ‘junk food’.  So, I think I’m coming back to my (not cheap) blog to do the kind of curation I like.  But I have also had struggles here, because I’ve not been happy with the presentation here.

So, I bought a professional theme to try to spruce up the place.  I’m sure I’m not using it to its fullest potential.  You should see the control panels on this thing.  It’s overkill.

Anyway, I’m going to rework my Social strategy.  This means I might lose some connectivity to people while I rewire.  I strongly recommend that if you can’t reach me by the usual means that you try leaving a comment here or send me an email.  I may be a little slow to respond to Facebook in the future.

John Calderon

John is the author of the Quantum Xen blog. He does personal journal audio podcasts under the title Quantum Xen Audio in his free time. After Radio Broadcast School, he was a janitor and then a Web Services Technical Support Rep. He now consults and volunteers his time. Gamer, Wiccan Priest and Online Junkie, he enjoys 80's Music, Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies, Audiobooks and Podcasts. Zombies, Daleks and other Hordes are not a laughing matter. He is currently based under the shadow of Mt. Si in Twin Peaks country out in North Bend, Washington.

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