A close up, side angle view of a YouTube logo and menu
  • Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

    Ok, so I’m going to try this experiment where I share with you what I watched on YouTube during the weekdays this week.  I used to share the particularly good video direct to my Facebook feed, but now that they don’t embed a player with the link anymore its taken the fun from it.

    I’m going to do a version of this for the weekends on Mondays, so make sure to come back and see what got viewed then!  Skip ahead in this post to see a mini-breakdown of the weeks Creators.

    As you can see, I’ve just made a playlist of the videos (the is a foldout menu in the upper left corner).  They are not arranged in the order they were watched, but instead by the Content Creator in Chronological order.  I figure if there is a Creator you don’t really like you can find the place in the playlist and skip ahead.

    I’ve left one show out of this weeks list because I think I need to do a whole post just on it alone.  Plus, I realize there is a lot to unpack, so let me try and help.

    YouTube Series

    This Might Get . . . : Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart host a daily show of various topics.  This is Week 14.

    Music Videos

  • The new Maroon 5 hit “Girls Like You” is really catchy.  Also, all the smiles!
  • Metal Cover of Toto’s “Africa” – Because there aren’t enough covers of this song.
  • Auto Tunes w/ Flula – These are always working digging up because of how ridiculously funny Flula is.
  • The Tonight Show: Kevin Bacon’s Dancing Entrance – Nostalgia and Editing.

    Various YouTubers

  • Drama on the Vlogs – Lisa Koshy and David Dobrick reveal they’ve been separated for months.  A refreshing example of young adults being adult.
  • Julien Solomita vlogs about his girlfriend Jenna’s dog Marbles on his 10th Birthday
  • A double shot of Grace Helbig in one of her kitchen videos, then guesting on Genius Kitchen
  • Back to Jenna, this time on her channel, doing what she does best; taking suggestions from the internet.  This time, her dog Kermit gets a present everyone thinks he wants.
  • Mayim Bialik tells us why she doesn’t like swearing.
  • Hannah Hart makes a giant burrito . . . inverted.

    Ok, seems like a bit of an odd mix.  But I think sorting it a bit will help others parse it.

    Lemme know if you check out any of these videos or others!  You can even leave me a recommendation in the comments!  See you soon!