I just had a customer open some candy in front of me right at the counter before paying for it, laugh and declare, “I once had a 7-11 cashier yell at me for drinking my coffee and eating my danish before I paid.”

As I’m taking his money and finishing out the transaction I say, “Well, yes, in general Cashiers find it quite rude if you consume something you haven’t paid for yet.”

He laughs again as he is turning to leave. he says, “Huh.  Well nobody ever said anything before.”

And people wonder why the country is the way it is.  If what he says is true, nobody ever told him things belong to other people before you purchase them for yourself.  Or nobody ever corrected him.

THB, I wasn’t even going to say anything because I’ve grown accustomed to this discourtesy.  But since he brought it up, now he knows.