I honestly never thought I argue over the difference between gingham and houndstooth with a customer.

He asked for the Gingham Bic lighter, but we don’t have one. He then said, “Yeah you do!” and jabbed his finger at the Houndstooth designed one.

I say, “That’s not Gingham. Gingham is like picnic tablecloth pattern”. He balks and we say nothing else. He leaves. I head straight to Google Image search.

(Edit: I tried looking for another lighter of the same pattern but that was the last one, it seems.)

That was enough to satisfy me, though it took me a while to figure out why I even knew this.*

But the customer had change from his gas purchase, so came back. “You’re right. It is houndstooth”. He must have done the same thing.

* Thanks to both The Great British Bake Off and Project Runway.