“The Internet is down” or “Is the Internet down?  It’s up over at Safeway!”

People.  The Internet DOES NOT “Go Down”.

Yes, the Verizon network is currently experiencing some network issues effecting connectivity and likely some routing or end-point delivery in this area.  That is only one part of The Internet.

Also, this does not effect your ability to transfer funds.  Trust me.  Just because you are travelling and you haven’t told your bank where you are going AND your Verizon Cell phone just by coincidence won’t connect DOES NOT MEAN the “Internet is down”.

What is the Meme phrasing for making my stand on this hill?  Oh, yes.

I will fight you.

I understand it FEELS like you are disconnected and you are helpless to do anything about it.  But the words you choose to express that feeling MATTER.

And when you sound Stupid, it matters to me.