Castle Ravenloft looms over the village of Barovia

Not news if you follow or play Neverwinter.  But today the Patch for Barovia  goes live and I’ve been working on my character since announcement to be ready.

And I’m not.

Link: Patch Notes

I feel Neverwinter is the best MMO version of D&D.  No real shade meant at Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO).  I guess it could have gone either way.  But it does not hurt that Neverwinter was launched in the now default D&D world of the Forgotten Realms.  At launch, DDO was set in the then new word of Ebberon but has since added Forgotten Realms content in the Kingdom of Cormyr.  If only I had enough hours in my day.

Anyway, I’m super stoked for this Ravenloft content.  I have documented in the past that Ravenloft is my #2 favorite setting after the original Greyhawk Campaigns.  And since Greyhawk is not represented in modern video gaming, it is now my chance to play in that realm on an MMO I’m currently engaged in.

Anyway, Since the server downtime happens right as I’m getting home tonight I’ll have to wait to even try until I get up in the afternoon.  Not that that will help.  It seems players need an Item Level over 13,000 to even be allowed to pay there.  I’m currently hovering somewhere in the 7,500 range.  There are a ton of other Campaigns I’ve yet to finish.  I’m Level 70, but I’m only just now getting to the point where I can finish some of the early campaigns on my own.

So much of the content made is meant to be played with other players or members of your custom made guild. But I just keep weird hours and can only manage to play for an hour or two per sitting.  It makes for some slow going compared to other players with more to to dedicate (or burn) on playing.

The minute I can get in there I will post some screenshots, but until then I’m going to have to lurk the mists of YouTube for a sneak peek for what I’m in for.