Settling on a website layout that I enjoy has always been difficult for me. The basic tools that WordPress provide are flexible and dynamic, but the very end still rather Bland.

I finally decided to drop a few more dollars to get at theme with some features. Trust me when I tell you that it has way more features than I’ll ever need.

That said, I think I’ve gotten a basic look now that I can build on. It doesn’t look very special at the moment. That’s because I’m beginning all over again. But the theme has some bells and whistless in the back end that I can use later to spruce things up.

As you can tell I’ve been spending more time here than on Facebook. I have to say, the ‘silence’ is very pleasant. I still poke my head over there, mostly to make sure cross-posting is working. But I still check the feed while I’m there.

So, I’m sure I’ll be posting more this way. I’m actually enjoying the up-tick in traffic. Now, if I can just get you guys to leave comments here instead of there. 🙂