This week I was too busy staging an epic comeback of loss and gains at the casino with my Brother Steve.

We did things a little differently this time. We started playing as soon as we walked in the door. Usually, we go grab a bite to eat first and do some catching up.

But everything that happened before meal was draining the funds early. Made our way to the cafe where we had fish and chips and a chance to regroup. And then we headed back out on the floor.

That’s when things turned around. We took each win in stride & did some creative saving up. But there were a couple machines that we’re better than jackpots because they just kept giving back.

In the end, we were still down but only by a few bucks and given how much play action we saw it ended up being a good day. Obviously, it’s better if you leave with more money than you had when you came, but if you can walk away without too much of a bruising you can consider that the cost of entertainment.

So there really wasn’t any time to head out to the theater today. I expect Ant-Mat and The Wasp will do fairly well and next week there will be less of a crowd. Now, I just have to stay unspoiled.