Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

People might think I say the craziest things.  And as a Cashier that works alone at night, I have to be ready for just about anything.  Which means my replies are sometimes not what people expect.

Just tonight . . .

Customer: There is a guy asleep, I guess, behind the wheel in his truck with the engine running.  Shouldn’t you check on him?

Me (who cannot really leave the store unattended): If he’s sleeping, he’ll wake up on his own.

Customer: But what if he runs out of gas?

Me: We have more right over there.

Customer: But what if he is not sleeping?

Me: Then he probably won’t be needing more gas.

Customer: *stares unblinking*


The reality is, unless there is Blood or Fire, leaving my place in the store leaves the cash unattended.  If I had someone to watch things, I’d be more likely to go see what the problem is.  But the fact is we get a lot of people sleeping in their cars in our parking lot.

Anyway, if you are so concerned, why are you asking me to do something?  Ok, see something, say something, I get it but that’s not an instruction to hand off the issue, that’s just a means to raise awareness.  Count me aware.