Screenshot of a Raspberry Pi Desktop with a Chromium Browser window opening to Google, the File Manager and Menu windows open

Last year I acquired a Raspberry Pi computer board and kit for a DIY project I was inspired to embark on.  While technically the project was a success, the long term use for the project did not pan out.  So I found myself with the hardware sitting idle with nothing going for it.

Meanwhile, I’ve been having some space issues in my desk area.  As in, I’m a low-key hoarder and can’t be bothered to get rid of anything.  My primary computer is a 17″ laptop that doesn’t fit well on the desk area and blocks a portion of the external 30″ flat screen TV I use as a monitor.

[I’m kind of a wide screen nut.  My secondary computer is a 30″ HP All-in-One Touchscreen running Ubuntu 18.04]

So I got this idea that I would pack up the laptop (I got a new laptop bag that makes this handy and comfortable) and make some room on my desk.

Turns out this has not been that bad of an idea.  Since I mainly use the monitor for my PS4, I only get around to PC desktop use to check email and browse social media.  Gods know I don’t need a full sized laptop to do that.  And if I need to do anything that requires heavier lifting I can turn to my left and hit up a beefier unit.

a screencap of the post authoring page in my WordPress, using the new Garabaldi post interface. Very Meta.

In fact, I’m actually using the Pi right now to make this post.  Will see if this new use holds.  I also have an idea to make this my On The Go PC with a USB monitor I got a couple of Christmases ago.  

Do you have a Raspberry Pi computer?  What do you use yours for?  Leave a message in the comments!