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Sharing Options from to Facebook Are Changing

via Sharing Options from to Facebook Are Changing

This news won’t effect many on my FList, except those who use WordPress to blog and Share those posts to Facebook via a plug-in.

Since I am not actively publishing directly to Facebook now (I still skim it for reading, but if I want to say something I post to my WordPress site and then link it into Facebook) this doesn’t affect me much.  I’m actually enjoying a much more toned-down Facebook experience these days.

But there are a few people I know that might soon say, “Hey, why didn’t this post?”  To you I say, here’s why.

Of the remaining available options left, I think linking is the better of the two.  I know Facebook wants to keep you engaged in their platform and have a Page will give you better Facebook related metrics.  But in this day and age Facebook is feeling more and more like a necessary evil and less like a Go-To platform.  I spend more time engaging on Instagram.  At least (for now) that platform feels more like a Real-Time experience.


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