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It seems like I know many people who have trouble getting to sleep.  Meanwhile, I can sleep outside in the rain, on cold pavement or during a Nine Inch Nails concert (don’t laugh, I’ve done it).

So for those of you who have low-key (or not) wanted to kill me for being able to crash out on a whim, I often think of you and try to find ways I can help you.  Today, I think this podcast I’m listening to might help point you in a direction that could lead to some relief.

But before I link it, I do want to say I have a deep appreciation of Audio, especially the kind that is delivered online, and I think it is underrated and underappreciated.  I’ve tried to sing its praises a thousand times.  Its such a touchy medium for many people, and I think that is because people have not developed their personal listening palette.  I feel like most people don’t know how to tune their own tastes to better enjoy a wide variety of audio.  I don’t have any advice other than “Try things. And keep trying things.”  If you automatically shut off speakers and sounds that is the WORST thing you can do for your Listening Palette.  The BEST thing you can do is set aside Time and Space in your Day and Place to JUST LISTEN.*

Ok, enough preaching.  Now, please go check out this episode of 99% Invisible.  And pay particular attention to the 2nd Half, where host Roman Mars discusses another podcast called Sleep With Me, a series designed to help the listeners get to sleep.

* I am also very aware that there are everything from personal taste to actual disorders that make listening or hearing certain sounds discomforting and even triggering, both physically and emotionally.  It is not my intention to judge anyone based on these kind of stimuli and you should do what is best for your personal well-being.  It is my desire to simply share something I personally enjoy with as many receptive people I can reach. If you are not one of these, for you own reasons,  I understand and appreciate your boundaries.