I wanted to wait for a bit until most the people I see daily had a chance to react.  But last Thursday I went into the UW School of Dentistry and let them have their way.  No joke, when we were done with the Extractions the Aide (a rather Hipster-y fella who was all about the 80’s and 90’s Reunion Concert Scene) said, “Was it good for you, too?”

It was 12 individual Extractions under much Local Anesthesia (Sadly, no Nitrous.  I could have used a laugh).  One VERY difficult tooth required the use of a Saw (Yes, the very sound you have all grown to associate with a horror show Dentist visit, the pitch climbing and falling grinding sounding one).  They do still PULL teeth from your head, in case you are wondering. Oh, and at one point the suction failed on the station we were at, so I had to get up, Mid-Procedure, and move to another station down the hall.  Once settled in, we continued sawing and pulling and eventually, after about 90-minutes all told I was finally and completely Toothless.

Funny, since then I’ve really been wanting to see How to Train Your Dragon . . . (To Do list, tick . . .)

AND THE BLOOD!  Let’s just say last Thursday was NOT a pleasant day.  I had been up all night from work, had not slept (I think this is MOSTLY how I got through the actual procedure, exhaustion going in leads to very little resistance or actual care) and when I was all done and gaussed up I still had to get home and figure out how to exist. Fortunately, I had the evening off and I had boarded Westin at the vet for the evening so I could suffer in peace.

The dentures I have in are temporary and I still have many follow-ups to go to.  I’m currently on a soft food diet and managing pain on ibuprofen alone.  I can go about 4 hours at a time before I either need to take the dentures out or take pain meds to continue.  The gums have to heal.  But at least the bleeding has subsided. I’m getting a lot of well wishes and praise, which is nice. 

But to be honest, I’ll be happier when it stops hurting to wear these.  I know it is for the best.  I kept the remaining teeth to remind myself just how bad it was in there (seriously people, if you ever want to show your kids the importance of good dental hygiene and maintenance, I have real props and am available at low, low rates).

I am excited for the next set of changes.  I’ve already seen an impact to my blood sugar count (mainly due to what I can eat and how I can eat it at the moment) and the kind regards are quite nice.

A Giant Thank You goes out to my Brother Steve who went with me to make sure I would be alright and who financed the actual work for me.  As always, he’s my living Angel saving me from myself.

And also a Huge Thank you to by Best pal Shelby, who talked me into going in to have things looked at (Finally) just a couple months ago.  She knew what to say and how to say it that made it seem like the time was right.  Thanks, friend.

And to everyone else who have wanted to see me do the thing for my own sake.  I had you all in my thoughts through-out.  I’m sure you will all be very thrilled and happy for me at the same time.  Yea, team!  We did it.

Ok, so here are some after photos.  I’m going to spare you all the before and during that I took.  Though, believe me, I have those too.