For the first time in what seems like forever, Facebook is cleaning house.  Many of the 3rd party solutions I’ve employed to be able to cross-post from my WordPress blog (where I prefer to Publish) into the Facebook silo are being shut down.  My inbox is full of apologies from these services.

I get it.  Facebook has been gamed so hard by so many from the outside that is has literally changed the face of Social Media, and The Zuck has been called to task about it.  But those same openings also provided a welcome flexibility to the otherwise spartan and some would say featureless interface Facebook provides.

To be fair, Facebook HAS provided a place to publish into.  They are call Pages, and they have been there forever.  However, the Pages platform is deliberately design to sell the publisher (me) so much marketing tools that it feels like trying to use the community bulletin board in an Office Depot.  Nobody goes there to look for content.  They go there to get supplies and leave.

The purpose of my blog is to have a lasting journal of things I feel like I want to remember, or to have a place to dump my thoughts.  I’m NOT marketing to anyone.  I have nothing to sell, nor do I believe anyone would PAY for this content.  But I do want people to see it.  When I’m gone, I still want copies to be found.  More and more, I feel like I’m being sold Ad Space for my Graveyard Plot.

So, in order to suppress the feeling I’m yelling to a void I’ve had to re-launch the Facebook Page for this blog.  I don’t intend on managing it much. I’d prefer that readers and visitors leave comments right here on the available comments section.  I personally have been finding Facebook too toxic and disconnected to want to spend any more time there than needed to skim and glance.  I’ve un-followed most of my friends there because I do not need to be notified of every little interaction you all have.  I’d rather be shown the stuff you choose to curate.  But Facebook’s algorithm decides that I need to see every ugly thing you chose to stand up against.  Do not mix the message; I’m HAPPY you stand your ground and love that you will hold the ugly evils of the world at bay.  Do that, yes!  But En Masse, it only highlights just how much ugly needs to be stood against and I just can’t take looking at it 24/7.  I need some space.  I need to see what makes the world interesting and compelling.

So, I’ve tagged out. The world is MORE than just idiot politics and hate.  The world is still pretty fucking amazing, really.  So pardon me if I don’t want to look at the Graffiti Wall of Facebook much any more, but I don’t want to entirely leave either.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash