I don’t usually follow trends, especially when they are connected to causes.  But since I don’t use Twitter as much as most do, I didn’t feel like jumping on a bandwagon would impact me very much.  So, I joined the masses departing (even temporarily) Twitter and am trying out the micro-blog platform, Mastodon.

I don’t expect anyone to follow me, but if for SOME reason you wonder where I went, it’s there.  You can find me at https://octodon.social/@xenzirril .  That is not a typo.  You’ll have to read up on what Mastodon is and how its federation works to grok the naming scheme.  

If you decide to join, but don’t know where to find topics to follow, check out https://communitywiki.org/trunk/ for starters.  

Likely, I’ll be back on Twitter IF I do see some measure impact on my social graph, but I’m more likely to follow the masses that return at some point in the future.  I do think the leadership at Twitter needs to unite its message and do more to quell the otherwise un-moderated breeding ground for hate speech, which does impact lives.  If they are looking for guidance, I have a few suggestions.