Infoboard 2.0 is just like V.1, just in a smaller presentation

Last November, I was inspired by the demand my customers had to know what the current Snoqualmie Pass conditions are at any given moment on my shift.  Once it starts getting nasty up there, it really is one of the first things people bring up, besides wanting to know where our bathrooms are.

I had a working mock-up put together within the span of an Amazon Prime delivery window.  Using very valuable instructions from someone elses project up on the Instructables website I was able to cobble things together with an old flat screen monitor I had lying about doing nothing else.  The problem was it was a 19″ 16:9 display, so it was a gigantic footprint on the counter-top.  Still, I was very proud of it and I hauled it out all season.  It saved me tons of repeat inquires.

But once the Winter Season was over, I stopped propping up the rig and soon it was back at home.  I even wiped the Raspberry Pi system I was using to drive it and re-purposed it for awhile.  While it was a very nice and simple desktop for awhile, it really doesn’t stand up to some of my other tech at home.

I wanted to be ready for this coming season and also experiment with some other information layouts, which will be the next phase.  But when I found this 11.6″ monitor specifically for Raspberry Pi I knew I had to put it all back together.

The text looks small on this image, but standing here you can clearly read the display, which is automatically updated every 5 minutes.

I plan on experimenting with some other presentations on the screen.  I like the idea that it will either fade out and into a new screen or some other kind of transition.  I can post Weather from anywhere, maybe even eventually put other Store info (like where those bathrooms are) to help people find things.

What else could I put up there?  Should I find a different way to mount it?  Leave me some ideas to ponder in the comment section below!