Autographed image of Tom Petty.

Ambiance Warning: Will trigger Major Feels like Sorrow, Joy, all the things that go with Mourning and Loss and at the same time Pride and Fondness.

Yesterday saw the release of a new song which is included in the forthcoming boxed set “American Treasure“, coming September 28th.  

The “You and Me” video is a love letter to the fans of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers while also managing to remind us of the tremendous loss modern music has suffered.  Compiled along with archival footage of Tom’s rehearsals and performances is fan submitted images and videos showing Tom’s impact on millions of fans around the world.

Buckle up, because it is very hard not to react deeply to the imagery on top of the otherwise beautiful song.  If we all were to have a tribute this moving it would be a very understanding world, indeed.

Founding member and keyboardist Benmont Tench drives this melody with his masterful talent.  What seems like a simple tickle of the keys evokes a deep and moving “remin-essence” (I think I just made up a word there, reminisce and essence) of the band and it’s time together.  Whatever is ahead for The Heartbreakers collectively will not be without Tom Petty’s soul stuff fully involved.

Which cuts to the spirit of the lyrics of the song itself.  “Wherever the wind might blow, wherever the river flows, you know I will go with you” “You and me and the road ahead” It’s not a promise, just a heartfelt offer, one that TPaTH fans have accepted gladly for years.

It would be easy to get a little depressed thinking these are some of the last new sounds we are going to get from Tom, but I choose to use it as a guiding light to the box set release.  I’m still surprised how affected I am over Tom’s passing; I was by no means a hardcore fan in his life.  I never seen him perform live or even have a desire to go to a concert.   But I have so many memories in my own life where, when I listen, I can hear his music somewhere in the background.  So I cannot wait to properly celebrate his achievements and happily incorporate his memory going forward.