I made some strides in cleaning up the presentation of the actual hardware.  Before it was a mess of cables.  In the process, I discovered something pretty amazing.

I have this Anker USB Charger that most lays around in case of emergencies.  But I realized that with the right connector I could actually use the charged battery to power the Raspberry Pi.  I’ve got it running right now and so far, after about 4 hours the remaining power indicator has yet to budge.

Here are some images of the refitted unit on the counter top.

The only thing that could make this better is if the power and HDMI input were flush with the back of the unit instead of the top.  

Unless I find another display, that is going to do it for now.  Everything else that can be update is software.  Still looking for the best ways to present the current pass conditions as well as other useful services.