I’ve added a page to my blog that shares my Astrological Natal Chart.

You can view that page and access the download link here

I was inspired to do this when I saw that one of my favorite YouTubers, Jenna “Jenna Marbles” Mourey and her boyfriend Julian Solomita read their entire chart reports on their podcast.  Arguably they have far more eyes on them and could give far fewer “fux” whether people know thier “bidness”  (Yes, I am 46 years old and still use terms like “Fux” and “Bidness”).

You can view their podcast episode here. 

The Jenna+Julien Podcast #201 – Reading Our Birth Charts

As for my info, I put it in a Page of its own so it doesn’t get lost in the stream of Status posts.  There will be a link in the Main Navigation of the site if you lose this post.