Recently, a coworker who covered weekends here at the store got a new job and moved on to a fuller, weekends free life.  She is good fun and a very good photographer.  I would often show her my amateur camera phone shots and she gave me pointers on little things.  We geeked out together on camera gear and one day we went on a photo walk so I could try out  some of her REAL cameras. 

We went to two places: the new trail had just been installed around the Tollgate Park meadows and then later we went up to Snoqualmie Point Park to take in views of Mt. Si.  Here are the images I kept.  Note the sporadic subject matter.  That because a lot of time was spent talking about gear and settings.  Another note, the clouds weren’t really working with us that day, so the light levels kept shifting.  But as of today, these are the last photos I’ve taken with a real (Canon EOS 5D III) camera.

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I’m hoping I’ll photowalk again one day.  Though I don’t have access to that quality of equipment, not yet.