After a year of hemming and hawing, I finally purchased a WiFi scale. I bought the Fitbit Aria 2 on Amazon, shortly after beginning my Weight Watchers’ membership.

I’ll skip the shipping nightmare that is my local post office; I’ve documented their nonsense too many times. I’ll also skip the other random intrusions that occurred once I got the thing home. I was beginning to think the universe was trying to hide the truth from me.

Happily, once I was able to unbox and setup the device it was time to reveal the unknown. I had guessed at my weight when I setup my Fitbit wristband because it was part of THAT setup process. And I hadn’t really updated that information since I only weigh in when I visit the doctor.

I have to add that I had SOME idea that I’d lost some weight already.  Between the recent removal of teeth from my head, which put me on a mostly mashed or blended food diet for awhile, and my recent pledge to reduce (not quite remove) added sugar from my diet I had been noticing a loosening to my clothes and belt.

But image my surprise when the scale produced a number value I haven’t seen since I don’t know when; I audibly gasped.

So, a great new start for me.  I’m farther along than I could have imagined for doing practically nothing different in my routine.  Now the challenge begins as I figure out how to ramp up my activity beyond dogwalking.  As you can see, I have a lot of fat burning to do.  I’m open to suggestions, but just know I am slow to adopt changes to my routine.  It takes me forever to figure out how to adapt, but I do eventually.  I think being able to see measured results will help mitigate the procrastination in me.