If you head over to my YouTube page you will see a bunch of Playlists (I think we’ve established I like making those).  But one of them is of the Timelapse videos I make.  This video is the latest in that series.

I hope to expand into other Timelapse subjects one day.  The reason I have so many of these is that its incredibly easy to collect the images.  The camera is a Web-enable camera provided by the city of North Bend, Washington.  So I am able to make the image captures from anywhere my laptop is setup.

In the future I hope to invest in a GoPro OR a drone (I know the GoPro is much cheaper) and get out into the world to do other captures.  Keep your eyes peeled, it may be sooner than either of us expect!

A little bit about the YouTube Audio Library.  Its a cool concept but its a weird resource.  In this case, the music I used was completely free to use for any purpose.  But the library is a mixed of Attribution types.  I got lucky that this music matched up so well with the weather.  After I scan for music type and duration (fortunately I  am able to do some clean butchering if its too long) you then have to wade through the limitations of use.  Since I don’t monetize my channel that removes one hurdle.  But some artists still require attribution, which is completely fair.  It just adds a little to the editing time, is all.  There are a ton of other Paid Service sites online that will also provide a library of audio to use, but I’m not that hardcore at the moment.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these!