Less loss than any other week since tracking began.

So today I logged less change in weight than any other week since I started tracking.  I know that its only been a month but its still a bummer.  Not to be too over-dramatic, but it feels like I’m about to plateau.

Now, I have yet to begin any real additional workout, so I’m sure I know what has to happen next.  My problem is I don’t see anywhere that I can fit in additional activity.  WARNING: I already know I can make time. Everything that follows is going to read like excuses but for me contain genuine concerns.  This is shallow skin territory.

First off, any time I take away from the creatures here at home feels abusive to them.  The cat, I know he doesn’t care, but the dog REALLY only “sees” me about 7 hours a day.  I’m gone for 9 hours at work and I’m sleeping the other 8.  “So, take him jogging instead of walking.” I hear you offering.  The next problem is that he’s not that kind of walking dog.  He is a wanderer and I go where he goes.  In order to keep him on a route I have to drive him to a park with a path that guides were we can go because of landscaping.  So my options are to not get any aerobic exercise  or leave my dog out of it.  Guilt city.

So lets say I could get that sorted out.  Non issue.  The next bit is when to work out?  If its walking/jogging, that fits nicely into the Dogwalk time.  But other than that I’m literally cutting into sleep hours or companion time.  Its making me anxious just thinking about it.  

So then there is the idea that I find a used treadmill.  Solves the problems of being away from home AND having a way to get dedicated time at elevated heart rate.  So the challenge with that would be where to put such a future clothes hanger?  My place is already jam packed with too much stuff and even if I were able to get help clearing things out in here I wouldn’t want to use the new space in that way.  I NEED BOOKSHELVES, DANGIT!  *sigh*  I’m not even sure this place is structurally secure enough to handle me bouncing around inside of it.

Meanwhile, diet wise I feel I’m at my limit.  I can’t believe I’m existing on this little caloric intake.  That said, I’m not being left with hungry feelings or lack of energy.  Not often, anyway.  I just stick to tracking what and how much I have and try not to blow past the daily points Weight Watchers is guiding me with.  I’m not perfect but I feel like I can manage.

In September, I focused on cutting out as much sugar as possible.  I knew I wasn’t going to hit Zero sugar, but I did a great job swearing off anything I would find at work (Convenience Store Grub).  Once September was over, I treated myself to a few of those old snacks and BOY WAS THAT A MISTAKE.  It quite literally made me ill.  I don’t even know how I even survived on that stuff.  So if anyone was worried that I was being tempted by the shelves of goodies at work, fear not.  That’s handled, for sure.

However, I am running out of food variety already so I may need to find a resource on how to spice things up without using drastic measures.  Having the dentures to deal with is an additional challenge most menus don’t consider.  Soft foods that don’t require a lot of tearing or chewing do not make the best meal plans.  But the highlight of last month was learning Crab Meat does not carry any significant points.  Boy, that Casino buffet got a workout the last couple weeks!

Blogging about all this has helped me calm down a little bit.  I don’t really have any answers yet, but I believe they will come.   As always, I’ll get this figured out.  Likely it will mean taking one of these concerns head on and finding out its not as big a deal as I feel it is.  The whole point of this post is just to convey the feeling I have of being in a bit of a tight spot while trying to make positive changes to my health. No fun, but also not dire.  I’ll figure something out.  I just don’t want to start sliding backward in progress before I do.

Suggestions welcome.  Be gentle.  So far, the journey has not been spoiled just yet.