Music Credit; “Sunset” by Podington Bear,

This video came together very quickly, thanks to a shakedown run-through I did earlier that morning.  Technically my second GoPro video after that short 00:18 morning test.  Nothing really changed in my editing process.  But now that I have done one in a format I have stuck with I am looking forward to changing things up. You see, I’ve done literally dozens of static POV Timelapses.  All you have to do is look at my Timelapse Playlist to see that.   What the GoPro and the Tripod will allow me to do is add POV motion to the capture.  I’ll be able to move the camera while its capturing images.  This means I don’t have to lock focus on a big old mountain anymore! Like I said, I’m excited.  Now if I could just find a bit more free time to go to new locations.