I’ve had my GoPro for about a week and right out of the box I was shooting Timelapses.  I got really excited for some complicated shoots I wanted to set up, but realized the model I purchased doesn’t really have the features I need.  I thought about hacking it to be a more advanced model after I found some info on Reddit about how it could be done.  But I decided that instead of risking turning my new purchase into a very tiny brick that I’d roll with the punches and rethink how I could use it.

So this morning I decided to just shoot photos with it.  No lighting assistance, just my natural instinct about where the morning sun is and how to use that.  The other ‘restriction’ is that I am in the middle of walking my dog, so I can’t ignore him.  That means ‘think fast, act fast’.

I will say shooting with the GoPro is easy, BUT you do have to act fast.  The Hero 2018 model is stripped down of a lot of standard features for even the most basic camera.  In Photo mode, there are no controls for ISO or Exposure.  The Lens has 3 settings, Narrow, Medium and Wide.  And I have to say that in general I feel the GoPro is meant to pick up footage that is within 6′ of the Photographer.  Of course it can capture anything you point it at, but far off images are REALLY far off so trying to capture any detail in the distance is going to include a lot of other real estate.

Anyway, I’m still learning how to choose my subject matter and how to best frame it up.  The images above were the product of today’s learning session.  I won’t get into the frustration I had trying to share on Instagram other than to say it is probably a nice problem to have, but I’m too frustrated to appreciate it at the moment.

Let me know what you think of the images in the comments below!