I know I didn’t post last week, but honestly would you have?  I had been expecting a bit of a slide back and it did come.  What I didn’t expect was such a great reward for my knee-jerk reaction of doubling down!  

I feel like I’m in frontier territory.  None of my clothes fit like they used to.  It’s starting to look like I am wearing bags.  Not a crucial problem yet (not a pessimist, just trying to be pragmatic about spending and expectations) however I do look forward to getting some jeans that do not have a waist size in the 50s.

Still haven’t figured out a dedicated work out routine, but I can say I’m being a little more physical at work.  The step ladder is no longer anxiety inducing and hauling goods from the freezer or back room now go on my to do list much quicker than before.

Its working, guys.  And I’m not doing ANYTHING crazy other than watching how much I eat and cutting out a bunch sugar.   Soups and stews have become my new friend, but I’m looking now at rice bowls with a new kind of lust.  Again, just got to keep it sensible.