Overall, More of the Same with Strong notes of Positivity.

Generally things were a bit more secure this year. While I did work more hours on a single job than I probably ever have , I did thoroughly enjoy it. When I look around at the state of affairs at home, well it COULD be better but that’s all on me. Westin and Bandit still haven’t killed each other without Smokey around as Ref.

The first half of the year I spent trying not to count my blessings too often. I had been worried about having another setback with money and/or health. But none of that happened, fortunately.

Having the better insurance plan made staying on these expensive heart meds much more manageable. Yay me for getting that sorted last year.  And I took the big leap of removing those rotten teeth once and for all.

I don’t know if I actually went on record with this, but its worth mentioning now. If those gnarly teeth hadn’t been a health issue, I don’t think I would have minded dealing with them until they completely failed. Getting the dentures HAS been a positive experience in many ways, but its nothing like I expected. it would be  Do not get me wrong, I am grateful for everyone who supported me in getting them. But the day to day of having them is still a bit more work than I assumed. I only really wear them for appearances and when I need to eat “complicated” meals. You know, the kind that require chewing.

The up side is that I discovered the bliss of soups and blended foods, both in prep and cleanup. Seriously, why we ever leave baby food consistency behind is now lost to me.  

But I DO enjoy the smiles it brings to other people when I wear them. If those people feel good for me, that’s a good feeling too. And occasionally I feel pretty good about having a much nicer smile. When I want to.

With the change in eating came a natural shift in diet, which then became an opportunity to do some weight loss monitoring. I joined the Weight Watchers solo program to get access to the app and food databases. Within a month I took off about 20 lbs and at this point I am maintaining the lowest body weight I’ve had in probably 15+ years. I’m sure I’ve slid back a little with the holidays beginning, but I’m not concerned about getting back on track after the 1st of the year like everyone else does.

I still haven’t found a workout that fits this Vampire lifestyle though. I remain open to suggestions. I talked to a few people about Resistance workouts, but its still all been just talk.

Later on in the year I pined for the days were I had the freedom to follow my hobbyist and personal growth passions.  All the hours at work has reduced the time I’ve spent with my spiritual family, away from Voice Recording, Tabletop and Video Gaming and photography.  But after a very head-clearing ritual in early September I was convinced if I REALLY wanted to return to those ways I had to just start doing it.

So far, I’ve found a way to get a little bit of everything back in my life.  Mostly the photography practices.  And I’ve figured out how to get some of the time I need back with my spiritual family.  So I think this next year will be about seeking and maintaining balance.  Much like my monthly bills its about spreading things out so they don’t all pile up at once.

So the up swing continues for 2018.   It’s been a good ride with measured improvements all around.  It makes heading into 2019 a much more comfortable endeavor.  Thank you all for the well wishes!  And Special thanks to the new people that have come into my life a new friends this year.  Having you around helps me see new possibilities and challenge my thinking on things.

Here’s to another lap around!