It’s been a minute getting back to the Audio Game.  But a recent acquisition, namely a TASCAM DR-05 ‘Linear PCM Recorder’ has changed my Tech game for the better.  As you will hear in the audio, this thing SOUNDS GREAT!  I didn’t even have to do any post-production.  Even when recording with my studio microphone at home I have to process the audio to make sure it sounds even. I have to filter my sound input to make a rounder sound.  I have to tweak dozens of things to get the sound just right.

Now maybe it could still use some work, but everything you hear in this entry is AS IS when it was recorded.  This will be a HUGE DEAL when making to time to record in the future.  Most of the time I hold off because of all of the extra work in Post that I figure I’ll have to do.

The funny thing is I only got this device to prepare for other gear that is coming in the future.  If you have been following my Facebook and Instagram you know I’ve been playing around with a new GoPro camera.  Mostly, it has been making Time Lapse videos of local features.  Ok, mostly clouds over Mt. Si.  But still, the point is I’m re-igniting my passion to create.  I’ve got something coming that will make ‘Vlogging’ a bit more fun, I think.

So the main purpose of this post is to bring you all up to speed about what I’m up to without giving away too many details.  I do wax a bit of personal philosophy about my own journey coming to some acceptance with all this digital messing around and I share my most recent thoughts about coming to grips with it.

But mainly this is a shakedown cruise for the TASCAM and a bit of my editing ability. As a bonus, I’m burning the video into an Unlisted YouTube entry that you can view by following the link below.  Of course, in the blog post this will embed the video.  I’m keeping it unlisted for now so it doesn’t show up on my channel.  I’m not quite ready to re-purpose that space just yet.

I hope you enjoy and of course remember your comments are always welcome.  Look forward to more Journal posts to come in 2019 and if you don’t hear from me before then have a Happy Holiday season and A Happy New Year!

Unlisted YouTube post to experiment with adding a video component