Ok folks, we are on our way! With last week’s purchase of a Nikon D5600 kit and the last few accessories ordered and on the way, the next step is to build out a little Photo blog section.

I also had a little chat with a friend about his need for a forum. He’s got his mostly ready to go. But I thought I’d continue to use my site as a sandbox to test out WordPress’s version of a community space. So you’ll notice the site menus now have a link to forums.

This site doesn’t get much in the way of comments, but maybe having a dedicated forum will foster some discussion.

While you checking out the menu, you should notice the site theme has been changed again. Trying something stripped down and yet still dark. I really like the way the Posts page is handled, allowing better summary tiles with images AND embedded audio where it’s attached. Less digging and more immediate interaction!

Anyway, as always, keep watching this space!