This is just a short post. I promised more pictures to come, and they will. But I have to admit its been a rough first week. Between making time to get familiar with the camera and really poor weather conditions I haven’t had much time to shoot.

The Featured Image was taken the night after the #SuperBloodWolfMoon , which was a complete bust here in North Bend. I had nothing but cloud cover that night, with only the barest peek of a yet-to-be eclipsed moon. And then, when the clouds DID clear, the eclipse was already over and I was at work. I had a sad.

It’s a rough hobby I’ve picked up with the schedule I keep. I spend all my waking hours up overnight, during the time I’d MOST like to be shooting. In the dark. But THAT is proving to be a problem anyway, since my camera is HELL BENT on keeping me from taking night images.

Which is ridiculous to me, since I KNOW you can do night photography with a Nikon DSLR. I know this because I’ve done it in years past. September 2012, if I remember correctly (I can’t quite). I took moonlit images of Mt. Si from a mile away, with a Nikon D90. But this time I can’t get my camera to open the shutter in low light conditions without a complete fuss. So I know I’ve forgotten something between then and now. I just have to remember what it is.

But I HAVE posted shots SOME things (I don’t know why I’m so CAPS happy today, sorry). And in this age of SnapBridge and Mobile filters, they’ve been going straight up to my Facebook and Instagram profiles. So in case you missed them, here is a quick collection of my favorites from the past week. Not much in the way of editing has happened yet, since I’m still learning both Camera settings and Editing software. But we have to have a base line so we can see improvements, yes?

I’m in a couple classes and photo groups, but I’m seriously behind on posting to any of them. Going to try to work on catching up with those this week.

I’m officially taking any recommendations of areas close to I-90 without going over the Pass that I can do in a morning starting from the North Bend area. If you have any ideas, shoot them my way!