My favorite subject, in fading light.

Please enjoy the first Timelapse shot on my Nikon D5600 that I’m happy enough to share with everyone.

This will be the first in a series of experiments as I learn how to use my new camera for Timelapse photography. This time, I let the camera do all the work. But, I notice right off this will have to change because on Auto the camera tries to optimize each frame. The result is that the focus point moves around as the lighting changes. This results in a flickering effect during playback.

Well, that’s learning for you.

As for the edit, I use a PC software called Wondershare Filmora. I find that it is robust enough to handle the task. And as for the music, I raided the YouTube Audio Library for a clip that was both long enough and had the right feel for the visuals. I’ve used tracks from Jingle Punks before. I like their vibe. A big thanks to them for making their music available for use.

Stay tuned for the next attempt! I think we are going to try a semi-manual mode next time.